Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sweet Genevieve & The Walk

Above, second from the right, you will see my youngest daughter, Genevieve. She and three good friends did the Susan G. Komen Walk last year, on a chilly, chilly day, departing from the Mall of America. (You can tell they are all well-insulated under those t-shirts, can't you?)

This year, they've expanded their group, with a special focus on the family of one of Gen's dear friends - both of his parents passed away within the last three months, and one sister is battling cancer right now.

This is a link to her "give" page:

I'm hoping that she can pass her goal - I know she did more than this last year. It's a tough year financially for all of us, but if you have just a little extra to would be so appreciated.

Have I mentioned lately how proud I am of each of my children? I am so very, very lucky that they are all dear, passionate, and intelligent human beings AND the two in-law children are also great additions to the family. (And I'm here to tell you, it was LUCK, not skill, on my part.)


Linda Fleming said...

What a sweet and compassite daughter you have. I have done the Susan G. Komen Walk and it is an awesome feeling being surrounded by so many amazing women.

Phyl said...

Go, Gen!!! I hope you're having great weather for your walk. Our local Relay for Life walk is May 2; I will think of you when I'm walking! Thanks for your means a lot to us survivors!