Saturday, October 09, 2010

Friday Shopping

Friday was an "all about me" day. I stayed in my robe, late, shopped in places I love, and got a couple things I've been wanting.

The nearest Trader Joe's is in a lovely shopping complex which has a far too crowded (and frustrating) parking lot - as well as the street that approaches it being jammed and slow-going. It takes a special mental state for me to head over there - but once I actually get there, and find a parking spot, I'm always glad to have made the effort. The special plantings alone are worth the effort.
My plan was to shop Trader Joe's and take a look around Penzey Spices. Well, not only did I shop both places, I also shopped at Sur La Table, and bought something that's been on my wish list for quite some time. Meet the newest addition to our family!

You probably don't care much about the jars of spices, or the groceries I bought, but how about this bouquet of my favorite flowers - Stargazer Lilies? (In the pitcher on the left, below.) They scent not only the entire living room, but the kitchen, bedroom, and hall, as well.

Lovely day. Should hold me for a while. So why do I have this urge to drive to the antique mall today?

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Serena said...

I love the colour of the Dutch oven you it's a dream to cook in. The blue wall is gorgeous too! Lilies have such a beautiful scent...Michelle had the large white oriental lilies in her bridal bouquet and the perfume was heaven. :)