Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Look at Winter

Just a brief look, really. Poor Molly.

We were fortunate - we didn't get hit like many other Midwestern cities, and our road crews do an admirable job. Still, we're all feeling a little hedged in. (Luckily, this house has *two* sheltered front doors, access via the garage, two doors to the deck, and a slider, so we aren't trapped! We just can't go out and sit on the deck.)

Our snow has only been in the range of 3 to 6 inches at a time, nice and steady, and on a regular basis; not a horrible blast, and then a huge dump of snow. It makes it all so much more manageable. Still, we've grown some dandy icicles, and we can't get out the back door.

I'm curious about these icicles on the northwest corner of the house. Do you suppose the wind was blowing that much when they formed that they leaned out sideways?

This is our current "dandy" icicle. It's not as huge as the one from son Chris' house, but my guestimate (judging by the width of the siding) is that it's a hair over 5 feet long.


Anonymous said...

If that leaning icicle were on my house, it would not be the wind! The cause would be our lousy foundation tilting the house.

Deb Smith said...

Of course my guess is as good as yours, but it does look like they froze as the wind was blowing that way. Big icicles! I have ice dams, but no big icicles, thank goodness.

Jennifer Rose said...

those angled icicles are so neat looking! probably was because of the wind

Shashi Nayagam said...

Those icicles look beautiful