Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blessed Spring

After all my complaining and photos of the winter weather this year, it seemed time to show some photos that weren't of snow. Thank God it isn't snow season - with all the rain we've been having, we'd be up to our eyebrows in snow!

These photos are in no particular order, just a little something to make you feel hopeful.

Begonia planter bag on the pole outside the bedroom window.

Hibiscus plant, surround with some new-to-me lavender colored flower (in my mom's old sugar pot).

The freshened rock garden - note the replacement tree purchased. Apparently it was all the threat the pink dogwood needed to finally put out leaves.

A few hanging pots over the Hosta garden.

The geese that visit the pond every year - Abigail & Rufus - having a little chat with Cosmo.

My Oldtimer feeding A&R - note the action shot.

This is a shot of the neighbor's pond - the view outside my "tree house" window.

The geese came to visit Molly and me while I weeded the ivy lawn.

Not afraid at all, are they? (Molly is - see her peering through the daffodil tops?)

Yesterday, while trying to get the deck pots planted, it just kept pouring down on us. Nothing, however, deters my Oldtimer from accomplishing his to-do list on schedule.


Jennifer Rose said...

the geese have no fear at all! viscous things here if you get too close, chase you down :/
i just love your garden, its so beautiful :D

Mary Ann said...

Canada geese eh? They are everywhere here and are a huge nuisance in parks because there are so many of them.

BumbleVee said...

love your Oldtimer in the action shots.... what fun having your very own geese. Well, except for the geese peep...which is huge. Almost as big as dog stuff....

We have to fight for the tee boxes on some of the golf courses around here at some times of the year....and they are definitely big and a bit scary when they charge with wings spread to the full extent... protecting 'their" territory I guess.....

Pam R said...

Lovely yard Sue.

ruthanne said...

Love your pictures Sue. Send some of that rain our way.