Sunday, July 17, 2011

Random Images

In no particular order...
The doll I made at CIFI in Albuquerque (still not complete):
My inspiration board (1 of 3) in the treehouse:
My new vehicle - her name is Stella:
This year's locations for the aqua rockers:
A necklace I bought at Waterloo 7 Gallery:
(The very same gallery, I might mention, where we are having a benefit fundraiser for Pets for the Elderly on July 30. PLEASE try to visit us - there will be food and music, and several wonderful pieces of art for the "Chinese auction" (which is still just a raffle, in my book).

Gen's doll at CIFI - too hard to see with those chairs in the background, but still:
A Hipstamatic view of the hosta garden below the deck:

Dew drop from an elephant ear - in front of a beautiful sunset, right here in NE Ohio!

I literally end up with a 12" X 18" space in which to work, when I start dragging out supplies, and "auditioning" materials. Cosmo is quite convinced I want to share that space with him:
We brought all of this home from the Lake County Farm Park farmer's market last Wednesday. We plan to go back this coming Wednesday, too!


BumbleVee said...

ooooh yeh..... Stella looks like fun to drive and she is beeyootiful!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Loved looking at the photos and Cosmo makes me smile. Looks like he is saying let me relax for a while can't you see I am tired out.

Jennifer Rose said...

ooh very pretty necklace :D cosmo looks pretty darn comfy lol

stella looks like fun to drive :)