Sunday, March 11, 2012

Re-do Done! (For photo purposes, at least)

This is as good as it's going to get. There are still more things to move back into the treehouse, but as that happens, it's never going to look this good again, so - this is the ideal. Of course, it will be more cluttered in the VERY NEAR future. (All photos should be clickable, for larger viewing.)
Above: The east wall, the abundant work surface, and under desk storage.

Above: The west wall, with plenty of bins.
Above: The south wall, where the hooks full of fibers and ribbons used to be.

Above: The north wall bins. Same wall as my one window.
Above: Detail of the north wall - between the bins and the window.

Above: Credenza detail (south wall).

Above: The northwest corner, showing all the bins.
Above: The northeast corner detail - on top of the work surface.

Above: More credenza detail, showing the storage.
Above: I even have a glitter drawer! Who ever dreamed I would have a drawer full of glitter?


Jean Bernard said...

OH MY ! what a wonderful space to create! Awesome "tree house" Sue!
Enjoy the room
Love, Jean

Diane said...

It is Perfect. You will create so much more in this beautiful space than ever you have created before. Organized and nicely appointed, it makes me smile for you!

Deb Smith said...

Beautiful! I love the color scheme. It's all so organized and pretty!

JudiA said...

!!!!!!! Whatever will you do first??

Wendy said...

It looks wonderful, fresh and bright and inviting. I would have to keep walking in and patting everything :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

what a great looking room :D

Rachel Murphree said...

Sue, I'm envious and very happy for you!!! I know you'll have great fun creating in this beautiful space.

Fran said...

Love your Studio. Great work space.

MaryO said...

Fabulous space, Sue! I might still be doing creative things if my space were anything like that!! But I'm pleased that you have it and wish you many happy creative days up there!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Sue,
I am catching up here! :)
Wow your studio is fabulous! Everything is so tidy!
Love it and hugs,