Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring Planting

It appears we have our spring deck and porch plantings done.  There are a couple of things coming in the mail that will be fit in, but the "mandatory" (ha!) work is done.  Here's how things looked today in early morning light.

A view from the loft door, looking west:

For several years, we've done a potted palm near the laundry room/pantry door.  This year, we got a new one; they seem to add so much to the space:

Love the petunias in this purchased mixed pot - look at the pretty purple centers with green edge:

In the back corner, a cape honeysuckle; on the table between the chairs are a mixed pot (purchased) and a pot I planted with coleus and sweet potato vine:

This mixed pot was just too glorious to pass by at the nursery last Sunday:

A couple more pots that I put together.  We've bought the bulb for a big elephant ear plant to go in that porch corner:

The mixed pot in oranges under the sun was purchased, I put together the others.  They will fill in sooner than you realize:

My little herb pot (the grill is to the right, out of the photo).  Molly has already "trimmed" the basil with her killer tail:

The lower deck; succulents on the little bistro table, some mixed pots to the right:

Purchased hanging pots above the deck garden:

Another view.  It seems we always do moss roses in the low pot on top of the hose reel.  This year, I really do plan to separate those hosta:

The succulents:

A view of the lower deck, looking toward the upper deck, complete with Cosmo and Molly in the photo:

At the east end of the house - a New Dawn rose, through a shabby painted bench, and a couple pots on either side:

The low garden outside the sliding door has one of my mother's sugar pots with a new yellow brugmansia, sweet potato vines in two colors, and some coleus:

Also on the east side of the house, out in the lawn - another of my mother's sugar pots, planted with a palm, a bunch of lavender, and a few petunias:

On the front of the house, another New Dawn rose, with a new-to-us trellis.  The rose put out so much new growth this spring, we had to get something to hold it up:

Another view of the lower deck, with the enhanced stone wall:

Pots and rockers on the front patio and porch:


Anonymous said...

Lovely, you are ready for show! Good work, Sue. Take a bow.

MaryO said...

Sue, you decorate as expertly outdoors as you do indoors! Caring for all those plants must take a lot of time, but they're more than worth it!