Wednesday, August 01, 2012

July is Past - a Month of Visits

Just like that, the month of July is over.  I cannot believe how quickly it slipped away.  We filled the month with visits and arrivals.  It began with Bekah and family arriving to spend the Fourth of July with us.  "Pop" decided fishing was in order for much of the time they were here.  This is his example of how to fish:

And this is reality of fishing with young children:

And *I* caught the biggest fish - just scooped it out of the water with my bare hands!

While they were here, a new baby cousin arrived in Arizona!  Welcome to Azlyn, our newest (fourth) granddaughter:

She got here on the first - even better than fireworks, just a couple days later:

Our newest wildlife visitors - baby raccoons!

And I swear, there was a hummingbird visiting when I took the photo:

The first visit from a rainbow around here in years:

And Cosmo now visits my lap regularly.  It feels as though someone else's cat has moved in, old Mr. Touch-Me-Not actually likes attention now.


JudiA said...

What a delightful summer you are having! (My cats have gotten friendlier as they have gotten older too. I had no idea Cosmo was so big!)

Sue said...

Judi, I guess he is big, though I don't think of him that way. I think he still weighs about 10 or 11 pounds. He's very long - and has a really expressive long tail.