Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIP (doll in progress)

A couple of years ago, I downloaded Sherry Goshon's free pattern, Goddess of Love.  The local doll group has taken it on as a February challenge/project, so I've been working on her, a little at a time.  In progress photos...

Basic body shape, on the painted and glazed base:

Working on her heart-shaped vest, a couple embellishments, and she'll be done:

At last month's meeting, we made a quick project of driftwood, wrapped with fibers and fabric, with molded faces.  These are the two I put together, though I still need to do the final embellishing - I'm thinking a couple beads and something that dangles (of course):

I'm also practicing free-motion work on my newly acquired "Bernie."  I feel very lucky to have some good online coaches - so far, my shoulders are not stuck to my ears, and my tangles have all been small enough to sort out on my own.  Here's Bernie, the way she looked the day I brought her home from my rendezvous with a Craig's List seller in a parking lot:

I want this to be the year that I not only try techniques and mediums that are new to me, I want to focus more on making things I want to make, just for me (with the exception of soap and lotion products, of course). I think I'm off to a pretty good start.

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Beth said...

Your Bernie is so nice and white!!! Mine is very yellow with age!!! I may just have to get her out of her box... and run her for a few minutes, just to keep the oil flowing.