Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A different kind of July

It's been an unusual month for us - lots of "blasts from the past" off-set by continuing to learn about our new neighborhood and surroundings.

Baby Azlyn (who will probably always be Baby Azlyn to me, unless another grandchild magically appears) had her second birthday.

Michelle visited her birth mom, Bekah, in Minnesota, and learned a little bit about her roots.  She also taught the littles to light paint.

The IRS audit is ongoing, causing us to hire a tax attorney.  (I don't have a pretty picture for this one.)

I've killed a bunch of plants with my experimental gardening, BUT - from the front, we still got the HOA's Landscape award for the month.

I've been making soap every day.  We were down to just two bars in the cupboard!  This was taken a week ago - there's more curing in the cupboard now:

Every morning, I talk to the hummingbirds, marvel at their aerial maneuvers, and enjoy the spectacular sunrises.

AND - I finished (yes, finished) a doll.  More on that later...


Beth said...

yes it has been a different month... all around, and quiet too.

Nice photo montage of your month so far... looking forward to "more" about the finish!

Anonymous said...

Yard of the month! You mow, girl!

Shashi Nayagam said...

I love your soap. I have still got one of them that we got in our goodie bags . I keep it in my towel cupboard under the towels. After some time the scent from the soap gets into the towels and they all acquire the lovely fragrance from the soap

Rachel Murphree said...

congrats on the yard award! I'm surprised you have grass in front. some of our lawns do, but in tucson they don't, and I thought it was an "arizona thing" to not have grass. shows what I know!

love seeing the soap lined up. that must feel so good to see all that productivity!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

I like the light painting ... looks like a lot of fun. :-)