Thursday, October 30, 2014

Loft Work

More painting, better art - we are working right along on making this place our own, finally!  Last weekend I was lucky to find a really, really good buy on a large piece of art, much more suitable for the space over the loft dresser.  (Compare this to the "after" photo in the Before and After post a couple entries back.)

We still need new lamps, and will also be adding some sort of vignette to the top of the dresser.  As large as that dresser is, it is now full to the gills with family photo albums and boxes and boxes of un-albumed photos!

Here's a peek at the front wall of the loft, now that it has color.  Please ignore the dust rag on the railing.

The new paint in the front entry has been done for a couple weeks now.

Next up is a creamy yellow for the living room, with some blue accents; a silvery gray for the main floor bath; a pale green for the guest bath; and something fun/funky to go with the new chandelier in the laundry room.


B Hunter said...

Fun fun fun!!!

Doesn't it feel good to make it your own?

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

I like all the different colors you're painting your house walls. It'll be so cheerful and happy. You'll discover that you won't need quite as much artwork since the colors will do a lot of that work for you. :-)