Thursday, December 14, 2006

Auditioning Fabrics

This was a new phrase to me, auditioning fabrics. One of the gals on the CPS list talked about visiting an artist's studio, and referenced being amazed as she watched the artist audition fabrics. That made so much sense, I just loved the visual...let's put you in here. Will you make the cut? Is there someone else better for the part? Can you hold my attention?

I'm contemplating a new doll. I sure seem to start a lot of dolls. I don't seem to finish very many, though! I have a new one buzzing in my brain, and what do I do? Favorite color (aqua blue), a little gold, and make mine batik.

I have a closet full of beautiful fabrics. Not as many fabrics as I had before the big move, but still a LOT of fabrics. Everytime I see a new doll, though, I go back to that little section in the treehouse, filled with batiks, and those mermaid-ish colors truly are the song of the siren for me.

Also, I've gone back to my beginnning M.O. While most doll artists whose patterns I buy have you put the whole doll together and then do the face, that just doesn't work for me. The face determines the personality for me, and so I have to do a face first and build the doll around it. I tried to change, I really did, and some of the dollmakers I admire most do the face last -- but perhaps they are a little more adept at faces. For the time being, I'm going to make lots of practice faces, and when I get one I like, I'll build a doll around it.


Anonymous said...

I tend to do the face last also - but I don't dress them until they get their face and their personality. Love the colors of the fabrics you auditioned. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea - auditioning fabrics! And the ones you showed absolutely SING of the sea! How I envy you your ability to make things come together so beautifully. I'm such a hodge-podge type! Whether I make a face first or last, the result is the same shambles! LOL! But I tend to go with your line of thinking re: needing to establish personality before worrying about a body, etc.! And that personality IS in the face, I believe!

Anonymous said...

The faces in the picture look great - kuddos to those who can paint! Fabrics are yummy too :)

Anonymous said...

Sue, I love the audition fabric part. As we've all found out---the doll decides where she or he wants to go despite our intentions, so i like to go with heads first, too. Anne C.

Anonymous said...

The idea of "auditioning" is appealing. I do something similar when refinishing and prim'ing furniture. The piece just sits in my workroom until it speaks to me and tells me what color and style it wants to be. Some speak sooner then others, but eventually all pieces have their say in what they become.

Do you gather a panel and audition them like American Idol? I'd volunteer to be the Randy Jackson of the panel.

Anonymous said...

I always do the head and face first- just the way I have to do it. I think because the face of a doll is the most important part for me.
Like you, I have plenty of unfinished dolls sitting around- many that just ned their costumes.
Linda F from FL

BumbleVee said...

Hi's me! Way back in your archives!

I absolutely have to make heads and faces first..or I get totally stymied! That is what is killing me with the doll I am working on right now. I am working on the 7th darn heard! Not having any luck with the shape and size..auditioning different fabrics for the head even arrgghhh!

However, I "got" her yesterday.. woohoooo! Now, onward with arms and legs about the right size for the body I have (I did move on with a body because I was tossing so many heads..) is putting everything out of whack with my thinking process.. not that it's tough to do that some days ! .. hahahhaha

I was looking around in here to see if I could find some dolls....