Monday, May 19, 2008


There have probably been times in my life when I've had more on my plate, but right now, it's hard to remember when. AND...many of the recent events (all except one, as a matter of fact!) have been pure pleasure, so even though they've added to my work and stress level, they've been about good things.

I just completed the two and a half day event "Think Pink, It's a Girl Thing," which was a wonderful doll gala held here in Ohio. I was able to attend all the social events, AND take four half-day classes from the much admired dollmakers EPB, Patti Culea, Karen Shifton, and Barbara Willis. I learned so much, and even some techniques that were not new to me were so much more understandable, because I saw them in action. I cannot believe how exhausted I was at the end of each day. I haven't been in that intense learning environment for some time, plus I went into the session not knowing one single person, other than having shared a couple of emails with folks, which is always stressful for me.

I really hadn't fully recovered my routine from Gen's visit and the Ohio soapmaker's gathering when we had a shake-up on the job, which caused some tension and drama in my life. However, that's behind us now, and we're getting the wheels back on there.

The Third Ever Herbal Soap Swap occurred in the midst of all this, and I shipped out 22 boxes of heavenly soaps a week ago. That's always a fun event, although it becomes a bit physical - making sure each box gets a full complement of soaps, none of them their own. Then packing, sealing, labeling, shipping. Thank heavens I have my Oldtimer to help me sort and hoist.

Things have been so busy, I haven't even posted the newest products to the Oldtimer & Lily site: glorious pistachio oil and new, organic (refined) shea butter. The soapers are going to love it - as soon as I let them know it's there!

Right now, the treehouse is littered with unfinished cloth dolls (and my brain is littered with ideas for many more), I have two round robins waiting for me to do my bit and move them along, fabric cones (ala Ruth Rae) are arriving for a swap I'm hosting, and I have some specialty soap orders! My daughter and Baby O will be here for a visit soon, too. Guess I better get off this computer and get to work! Photos soon, I promise.

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