Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Think Pink Dolls

I have all my goodies and creations from this last weekend unpacked - kinda. I put away most of the pens, pencils, glues, hemostats, etc. - kinda. I put all the dolls on my work table, squished in around all the other things going on. Here's an overall picture of my so-called work table:

This shows what I've finished so far on my Barbara Willis doll:

And here's the EPB doll (she has a Bob Hope nose and a Jay Leno chin!):

From Karen Shifton's class:

And from the Patti Culea class:

I met a lot of great people, and was even able to put some faces to online names I've known for some time. One of the vendors was from a local bead shop (I bought some fabulous fluorite beads from her!), met Kate Erbach, Ellen Haytas and Li Hertzi, and made a connection with a local doll club. One of the best parts, for me, was that a mother/daughter duo who were there for a "bonding weekend" adopted me. I had someone to sit near in classes and at lunch, and I am almost falling-down grateful. I have such a difficult time going into these situations where I know no one, asking if I can sit near someone during lunch, etc. I am always miserable when I'm in that situation, though I can sprinkle a bit of mental courage dust, and force myself to go into the meeting/class/etc. Just in case you're reading this, Cassie & Susan, Thank YOU!

Having said that, I could easily become a cloth doll class junkie! I learned much, was inspired more, and have a whole new perspective on a couple of things. Oh! And the other thing I learned... Don't you just love those fabrics by Heather Bailey? Who among us hasn't bought a bundle for a special project? Do you know EPB was selling bundles of Heather Bailey fabrics, besides all her patterns and DVDs? And...have you caught on yet? Heather Bailey and EPB have the same last name! Duh...of course they do...they're related! I never made the connection between EPB and her daughter-in-law.

OK...before I "hit the hay" here, when's the next class???!

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Shashi Nayagam said...

Can't wait to see them all finished. They are looking great.