Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today I couldn't help but laugh as I laid out a new vignette in the living room, using a tray, missing some of it's silvering, and more black than silver in many places. The first time my Oldtimer came to visit me in Minneapolis, he said "None of your silverware matches!" And I replied "I know! I like it like that!"

Now, in our mostly modern/primitive living room with the green and blue walls, he seems to understand my need for a tarnished silver tray with some old china pieces - all of which make my heart sing (and he never suggests that I polish the silver).
I always have this need to look out...out windows, across the yard, out and away. Sometimes I stand on furniture to do so.
I moved plants in and out of sun to suit their needs, and was almost weak in the knees with the delight of brushing the leaves of the scented geraniums and inhaling the fragrance.
And I nipped the basil and brought a sprig in the house with me, burying my nose in the incredible scent.
The lavender and rosemary are both thriving, and they too give immense pleasure, just by being themselves, and allowing me to relish their fragrance.

Tonight we had a simple supper on the deck, and I opened a box of "California Refrigerator wine." I put a couple servings in a crystal pitcher and brought it to the table on the deck. This is something my Oldtimer would never bother to do, but he understands that I *need* to do just that, and he smiles.

I know I posted about gratitude just a day or so ago, but today I am overcome with it. The sheer bliss of the exquisite, natural scents, right on my deck; the joy of looking out, or of truly seeing the play of colors on old china; the use of a good pair of scissors while cutting fabric; and the joy of being understood by my (straight arrow!) husband as I exhibit yet another little quirk.

Life is just SO good.


Michelle Eaton said...

It is so great that you appreciate what is around you. So many more people should do the same. The world might be a happier place.

Jennifer Rose said...

your porch looks beautiful with all those pots :)

I much prefer unpolished silver, I like the dark look of it :)

Shashi Nayagam said...

Your deck looks absolutely gorgeous.

Serena said...

i so enjoyed reading your post full of gratitude and joy, sue. to take such pleasure from the simple things is what it's all about. i'm a fan of old-looking, unpolished silverware too. loved your pics today. i must plant me some lavender ~ :)

HElen said...

Beautiful porch, love all plants and can imagine how nice to be there, fresh air, sweet flowers...