Tuesday, June 29, 2010

City Fresh, Cleveland

A table full of treasure! I am just delighted to have learned about CSAs and to have found a program in Cleveland. We pick up our weekly share about 7 miles away, in the Coventry neighborhood. It takes a while to get there, but what a treat! I've signed up for the next four weeks. (photo includes cabbage, kale, beets, potatoes, dill, pickling cukes, romaine, zucchini, and onions. We've already eaten the zucchini, some of the cabbage, and some of the dill.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sue! It all looks fabulous! We have discovered that we really have to be dilligent or the next week's bounty falls on top of all that we didnt eat from the previous week. But I love the opportunity to learn how to prepare things I have never eaten before. What fun!

Sue said...

Thanks, Jude. I'm feeling the same way - I've been searching Epicurious this evening, deciding which way I want to fix the kale; I've never cooked it. And I thought I would juice the beets, but they're pretty little "candy stripes" so I can't bear to juice them!

Serena said...

Yum..YUM..YUM! I love my veggies and those look oh so fresh! I often roast beets in with other veggies that I have coated with olive oil, salt and garlic powder (or fresh pressed garlic)....my son and I love them that way.

I had to google 'CSA'....Community Supported Agriculture, right??