Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beautiful Fall

Despite my dread of winter, it's difficult to ignore the beauty of the season that precedes it. After Saturday's bit of snow and slush, I began my annual whining, but if this is what follows that first wintery blast, I really ought to temper the complaining. The clear colors reflected in the pond are always a thrill.

The flocks of birds have been amazing. It seems the trees come alive with their chirping and chortling, and then they land on the lawn, en masse, to hunt for...what? Are they after the last surviving, but slow, bugs? Grass seed? I love to watch them flip over the colorful leaves with their beaks as they seek goodies beneath.

The fragrant roses and lush waterfall petunias may be gone for a few months, but there is beauty of another kind in a clear fall day.

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JudiA said...

You have such a beautiful home and lawn. I loved the pic of the birds.