Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fathoms of the Deep - Done!

In May, I started this terrific e-pattern from Colleen Babcock, called Fathoms of the Deep. The pattern has some wonderful techniques and I really enjoyed making the doll. About a week after I started the doll, I began traveling for grandchildren's birthdays, family vacation, and a few other - less pleasant - interruptions came along. Tonight, I'm calling her complete (though I just realized I need to do something about fingernails). Don't judge the pattern by my slowness - she's really lovely to make.

Full doll:
Upper detail:
Fin detail:
Waist detail:
I love her fishy shawl, the handmade starfish at her waist and fin, everything. Fun, fun doll. Thanks Colleen!


Colleen said...

Thanks so much for sharing Fathoms. She looks fantastic. I think the beading is particularly a stand out on your doll as the colours you've chosen work so well together. I am so happy that you enjoyed making the doll. That is what I always hope when I write a pattern.

Shashi Nayagam said...

You did a great job of it Sue. Love her little accessories.

JudiA said...

I love all her wonderful details Sue. Well done!

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

What a fantastic "film noir" mermaid. I love the beaded details too.

Enchanted Doll Maker said...

Sue, she came out great. I love your choice of fabric, beautiful job!

Bear said...

love Fathom she is fantastic, and wots moore its so evident you had fun making her- shes such a happy soul(or should it be sole?)Love her accessories
love n hugs bear xoxoxox