Thursday, March 10, 2011


Blogger just will not let me drag photos around to move them anymore. If I copy, delete, and re-paste in a different order, the photos are no longer clickable. I give up. I guess I have to continue to put a great deal of thought into what order I upload, or you get them in random order. Today, it's random.

I've had lots of dolls on the brain lately, and have been inspired to sew, sew, sew other things as well. Currently, I have five new dolls in the works (including two round robins) and I've been making myself some clothing, as well.

Last night, I told my Oldtimer that I just wanted to go upstairs and sit amongst the fabrics and think for a while. Cosmo decided to help. That is one stubborn cat. He knows that I'll try to chase him off the work table, so he jumps up, and dives under the things I have clipped up to view, or else tries to get behind the window blind. I thought I could ignore him last night, but he was having none of it. And then Molly gets wounded looking because she can't get on the table too. She either torments the cat, or climbs onto my bed pillows and pouts. Here are last night's photos - both of the things I like to look at while I'm thinking and making, and my difficult pets.


Jim L said...

I've never used Blogger
Will it let you edit in html mode?
if so you can copy and paste that
start with <a href
and end with /a> for each picture and link.

Jennifer Rose said...

ooh! look at all that colourful fabric :D

Shashi Nayagam said...

Look forward to seeing your dolls come alive. Love the colours.
Nice to feel that you are wanted. Pets they want all the attention don't they. Very sweet photos Sue

Enchanted Doll Maker said...

Oh Sue, I love the face on the doll that you are making, so pretty. What a great room for inspiration. You're surrounded by great stuff! Mine is all in boxes and I can't see it, I made need to redecorate.
I can have trouble moving my pictures around on blogger. When I move them, and they do move, but it messes up all my text and I have to respace everything so I learned to put the pictures on first then start typing then move the pics as I type. Your blog is great.

ruthanne said...

Great face and nose. Wow! Look at all that snow. Guess dolls are a great way to forget outside.