Thursday, February 02, 2012

Upstairs Re-do - Getting Closer

The carpet was installed yesterday! Now we get to do a few touch-ups, and then begin the repopulation of the rooms. Hopefully, we'll (I'll!) be able to edit what returns to the rooms. The first thing we bought last night to help with the look was a new window shade for each room. They are nice, white slatted blinds, and will tie in well with what we have in the rest of the house.

Here's a view of the guest room, complete with empty closet:

Another view of the guest room, including the empty wardrobe that needs to move back into place and return to its storage duties:(Please notice the carpet is Molly-approved.)

A view of the treehouse wall, formerly labeled the wall of shame:

And the end of the Treehouse that had the overloaded bulletin/inspiration board:A view down the steps:
The metal handrail in the stairwell had been painted the same flat white-beige as the walls. It seemed very strange. When we took it off the wall to paint, we could tell that it had been black metal originally. We used the leftover copper metallic paint and glaze from the front door, and turned the handrail to copper.


Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

This is looking great Sue! Nothing like a clean, fresh blank slate for decorating.

:Diane said...

Love the copper hand rail. Safety features should not blend into the background. Duh. Are you feeling artist's block when you see the blank room? Will you be able to move anything in there? Just toss a magazine in the door with your eyes closed and then you'll be able to begin to really move in furniture and stuff. LOL
... word to verify was skini ... did you choose that for me?

Rachel Murphree said...

This is so exciting. I think you should hang on and do it up right...not just put it all back in. easier to say than to do. I know you want to get back to arting around!