Thursday, January 26, 2012

Upstairs Re-do; During

A few during shots - far from perfect lighting, all the usual apologies...

Over the weekend, our helper painted all the ceilings, and started on some trim work. Gerry taped ceilings, patched holes, ripped out more carpet and weird looking tack strips, etc. My entire contribution was emptying the fabric cupboard and loading it into the already-burdened living room.

The stairwell is dark, and had one wonky little single-bulb light in a 1960s Early American design. We finally replaced it. As you can see, the tape still has to come down, but I'm really happy with the wall color (Homestead Cream) and the satin finish of all the paint we are using, giving a little more reflective surface to bounce some light around:

This corner shot of the guest room gives a look at all the angles and issues to deal with - but isn't quite accurate with the color:
Another shot of the guest room - on my monitor, the color is a little more accurate. I love this color - Pale Cucumber. Note the nasty brown shag carpet still on the floor in this room:
Only the ceiling has been painted so far in my treehouse. The white that we are using for the ceilings and trim is my new favorite white, called Dove White (the color is from Lowe's line, but we buy Behr paint, just have it custom mixed). This room will be a different shade of green, slightly warmer. Both ceiling lights in the upstairs rooms have been replaced - I'll show you another time:
The poor, poor living room has had to accomodate all that has been boxed up and dragged down. What a mess (though Cosmo thinks he's found a new world to explore):
I've set up a temporary sewing/creative corner in the lower level family room. While I feel lucky to have the space to do this, it also makes it official that not one room in the house has escaped the two-room re-do. Of course, I also took this time to empty drawers of old magazines and try to sort them out and get rid of a few, as well as to empty the closet of clothing that no longer fits.
The new carpet will be installed next Wednesday, so we have a lot of painting to do over the weekend. We've also been doing a lot of research on how to put together the treehouse again for maximum storage and workspace, without disposing of any more goodies!


Shashi Nayagam said...

Once it is done it will be lovely. I am sure all the inconvenience will be well worth it. You can then put your feet up and enjoy

BumbleVee said...

Ahhhh renovating.....know it well. We have been doing this house in stages over 23 years......sigh..... it always spills over into every single room and every nook and cranny....
We are procrastinating on getting going with our last push.... but must get organized soon to get it done during the spring/summer/early fall..
Knowing how it goes ...I'm reluctant to begin......