Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Upstairs Re-do - Treehouse During

The treehouse is empty. My Oldtimer spent most of Sunday pulling out ancient carpet and pad, yanking staples, removing quarter-round, etc. The only piece of furniture remaining in the room is the antique library table (the carpet installers say they can work around some pieces of furniture).
One of the things I could not understand when we bought this house, was the fact that it was listed as "freshly painted" yet it seemed so dull. As we've worked our way through the rooms, we've realized that almost everything was painted with the same, flat, refrigerator white - even exterior doors. I've speculated that it is all white primer, not even paint. This room is no exception.

The west wall, shown in previous post as the wall of shame:

The southeast corner:
The north wall, with the lonely window (which Murphy now LOVES to look out):
SOME of the holes to be repaired in the north wall. I think they installed the wall shelves with railroad spikes:

Also, a during shot of the stairwell. After pulling the carpet, my dear Oldtimer scrubbed this entire set of steps thoroughly. Please note the cat at the foot of the stairs:All photos should be clickable for detail - not that you'd really want it.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to a cat to find something in which to step to leave footprints! Fortunately they have cute feet. :-)

Pegi from Fargo said...

Such a nice space and a fresh re-do. Looking forward to your next post!!