Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Upstairs Re-Do, Guest Room Before

Because the entire upstairs is being re-carpeted and painted, I'm showing some shots of the guest room, as well, even though it doesn't present anywhere near the challenge of the Treehouse. These photos are kind of "before" - before emptying, pulling up carpet, and re-painting. (Look! Some color on the walls!) However, they are not before things spilled into the room from emptying the treehouse.

This view is toward the southwest corner of the room. The window looks out on the front lawn and road. The maple bookcase has been in my family as long as I can remember - Lolo refinished it. The blanket chest was made by my grandfather. The bed we bought while living in NC.

This view is toward the hallway and the Treehouse on the other side. Those two sewing machines are for sale. That closet in the hall has (surprise!) floor to ceiling fabric. See those "60!" poofy centerpieces on top of the bookcase? Someday, one of them is going to be the base for a doll.The east wall - three closets. The left one has Oldtimer's off-season clothing, the right one has my off-season clothing, and the middle one has built in drawers full of... art supplies. I tried so hard to not spill into this room...
Though it doesn't look as challenging as the Treehouse, I've been working on breaking down this room for about three days now. I've packed up all the books and carted them down the stairs, but there is much more to do.

We got the carpet estimate yesterday, and of course it is more than we expected, and we thought we were over-estimating. Looks like we have two to three weeks to repair walls, paint, and get ready.


Pam R said...

Sue, this is fun to watch. I love room makeovers. I have some of my own to do. Maybe this will inspire me to start.

JudiA said...

Is that a Sherry piece on the wall to the lest of the door?

JudiA said...

Oh, well done! I thought Sherry herself had done it. (My piece from that class looks like an 8 year old did it, LOL.)