Monday, July 27, 2015

Round Robin start; TAG

The doll group, Tarts and Goddesses, began it's round robin last meeting.  We have five participants, all "built" on a paper mache' mannequin, with a theme of "Queen of ____."  Each participant chooses what her doll is to be queen of.

These are our starter photos, missing just one.  Now that the dolls have been passed on to the first person, we will keep them hidden until the RR is over.  Fun to get to see how they start, though!

Yvonne's Queen of Junk:

Sue's Queen of Chaos:

Diane's Queen of Fortunes:

Debbie's Queen of the Garden:

We are missing Cynthia's Queen of Halloween, but that will be coming along shortly.  Each doll is accompanied by a journal so the other participants can share their part of the story.  Watch for results in November!


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Shashi Nayagam said...

What fun Sue. I wish I was living close to you to join in:-)