Thursday, September 07, 2006

Beaded Butterfly Goddess

As you know, I recently hosted a beaded doll swap on the CPS list. I've certainly posted enough about the one I worked on for months and months ;-) The doll above, made by Nina Owens of TX, is the one I got to keep for myself! I just love her -- love the concept of a butterfly goddess, and of course she is covered in all my favorite colors!

I thought the way Nina used those long, twisted black beads centered up the front was particularly clever, creating the look of strength and armor, on a delicate butterfly. As usual, the picture does not do justice to the beautiful work contained. It was a great group of 7 women besides myself, and a delight in every way!


Judi said...

This piece is brilliant! I agree, the bugle beads give the work a whole other dimension. Isn't it fun to get treasures in the mail! Lucky girl!

Kai said...

She IS marvelous! The blues/blacks/greens give her a richness! And I agree - the idea of a delicate, yet strong butterfly is very appealing!

Jackie said...

Very beautiful butterfly. I want to live in the world that a butterfly like that does. Definately a work of art.

JudiA said...

Now I want to do one of those -- how beautiful, especially that face. Is that a bead or a charm?? AND the colors... She did a beautiful job, and so did you.