Sunday, September 24, 2006

What a day!

I've been up since 3:30 am, thanks to a call from my daughter in the Minneapolis area. Long story short -- she had an emergency appendectomy this morning. I never fell asleep again, after the phone call, so I started laundry. Played my Fish Tycoon game, worked in the treehouse, put band-aids on Gerry when he needed them. He spent the day trimming hedges and working on the new pond. I still have some soap to wrap and lotions to ship, but I did finish my two altered fabric panels AND I made a treat for my friend, Phyllis.

We've been beading dolls a lot lately, and I keep shipping her bodies from a bulk buy from Monica Magness. Then I found some basic outline patterns that I saved YEARS ago,and thought I could make some bodies of my own.

I made one of these for each of us....took the pattern I had and reduced it by 50%, sewed and stuffed. I think she'll love it -- cats and hearts, all rolled up in one!

The fragrances I tested in soap yesterday don't seem to be holding up the way I'd like, so that was a waste. Good thing I didn't buy without testing, even though I was tempted -- one of them I really loved. Some fragrances fade out and then come back, so I'm hoping that will be the case in these cases, too.

Evicted another chipmunk today, hiding from all three dogs and the cat, under the china cupboard. Thanks, Cosmo!


Judi said...

Wow - those are the scary phone calls! Hope her op went just fine. You got an awful lot accomplished though. The cat looks great!

Kai said...

Hope Bekah's doing 100 TIMES better today! Keep us updated! And the kitty is DARLING! Phyllis is going to be happy! You need a sign on the doggy door: THIS ENTRANCE IS FOR DOGS AND COSMO ONLY! ALL OTHER CRITTERS GO AROUND TO THE FRONT DOOR AND KNOCK. LOL!

Linda said...

Oh my! what a scary phone call to get! I hope she has a quick recovery and is as good as new soon. I love those kitties- I have a pattern somewhere that I got off the internet a couple of years ago- I think it is just like the kitties you are making. I am going to have to hunt for that and make some. So you have chipmunks, huh? I had one for a pet when I was a young girl- named Alvin, of course! LOL!
Linda F from FL