Sunday, October 01, 2006

Paper Dolls

I'm hosting a paper doll swap on the CPS list. Even though the swap is 3 for 3, I ended up making 4 dolls. I used the angel pattern from the back of Beryl Taylor's "Mixed Media Explorations" book. I've been itching to make some paper dolls with all the talk and books recently on paper dolls on the various lists. This was so much fun...and amazing to see what a difference one person can make with the same pattern! I was able to use lots of the handmade papers I have in stock (that I STILL haven't put into kits to sell), and bits of trims and other great things. Really a fun way to charge the creative batteries.

Three of the participants in the swap have mailed their pieces to me already. I'll post those pictures later. Counting myself, there are 24 participants, and the interpretations of mixed media paper doll are amazing. What an exciting swap!

This one uses handmade papers, a face from a magazine ad, and the main body is from a paper napkin.

This one uses some handmade paper, some fibrous paper, a face from a 50s-looking ad, and some gold trim. The base has part of the napkin I used on the body above.

This one is cardstock, ribbon, tiny hole-less beads, a UTEE molded face, and a peacock feather.

This one is almost all paper except for the little sparkly bits. Yarn for hair, which I poked through holes and "sewed" with a large-eyed needle. The face is stamped from a set of face stamps I bought at SkyBluePink.


Judi said...

These are ALL fabulous! I love seeing everyone's paper dolls.

Kai said...

So awesome! I love the 2nd vintage-looking one best - the one with NIFTY on it! Paper dolls are such a fun way to express creativity because there really AREN'T any fast rules! I can't wait to see the other dolls!

Linda said...

Wonderful paper dolls! the one with the peacock feather is my favorite.
Linda F from FL

Dawn said...

Sue, I love these! This part of your blog got my hiney back in the workroom today! Miss ya...