Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm so goofy! Or, my favorite things...

I just told my friend Kai that I was done making my paperdolls for the paperdoll swap, and I was going to stay out of scheduled stuff for a while so I could just satisfy myself and see where things lead me. Plus, I want to get some things done on the house before my son and DIL come to visit for Thanksgiving. Guess what I did? I joined Sherry Goshon's teapot doll swap, I joined Barb Kobe's medicine doll class, and I joined Sherry's Inner Child class. I still have my unfinished doll just for me, a cat I want to bead, some clothing and purse patterns I want to use, and many more dolls dancing in my head! Having a day job really interferes with creativity for me, not to mention limiting my soap creations!

One thing I did finish was the seventh collage from one magazine. This one is a little happier, isn't it? I tore the stuff this time, and picked colors, textures, and images of foods I like! There has been an interesting discussion between us on the CPS list, as Diane (Yarngoddess) and I seemed to be creating dueling collages. Our styles are completely different, as she leaves space and makes a statement with color and shape. I love covering the whole background, although I did do one with space. It's interesting, so interesting, the way people take the same challenge, the same general materials, and come up with something so different.

Without further rumination, here's the last one -- My Favorite Things (although it was almost "My Life is Brilliant" because that song kept going through my head while I was working).


Judi said...

All the collages have worked out well. You're not alone in overscheduling yourself - I do it too! makes life interesting!

Kai said...

WHAT???? I'm NOT the only one who piles WAY too much on her plate? LOL! For what it's worth, I'm signed up for Jean Bernard's Journal class, I'm surrounded by 12 sets of 4 (MYSTERY) items I'm in the process of doing for Christmas gifties, trying to decide how to costume the doll Jan sent as a challenge, etc., and STILL wishing I could take SHERRY'S class. So what can I say? It's a hazard, I think, of the creative mind. We ALL do it, my friend! So enjoy! And your collages have all been quite wonderful! This one made me smile!