Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'm on a (political) roll

I know this blog is supposed to be about what I create in my treehouse or in my soaproom, but I have a lot on my mind lately about the state of things. Sometimes I wonder how my Aquarian idealist generation got into this mess. Other times, I think I've just become more concerned because of my new granddaughter. Either way, I'm still tempted to put that paper bag over my head...

This morning, I wrote a letter to the editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I'm sure they get lots, so it's not likely to be printed, so I thought I'd put it here instead. I'll feel better if I foist my complaints off on someone, so you readers are my victims :-)

I wrote:

My husband and I are relatively new residents of Ohio, having purchased a home in the Cleveland area just over a year ago. We’ve had numerous discussions between us, anticipating election season here, considering the attention Ohio has received in recent elections, and its power as a “swing state.”

If I could chose one word to describe campaign season it would have to be awful…no, make that horrific. Of course, a less reactionary summary would be uninformative. If I can add a second word, I’d make it “completely uninformative.”

Watching the televised campaign ads, listening to the radio ads, is totally worthless for decision making. I don’t have a single candidate I wish to research further. You see, I have yet to experience one ad that tells what the candidate stands for, what their background is, what they hope to accomplish should they achieve the post for which they campaign. All I have seen or heard is what they feel is wrong with the other guy.

The results? Considering all the negative campaigns, I know who I will vote AGAINST, but can’t name a single candidate I will vote FOR. (Should you wonder, I will actively vote against those with the worst negative campaigns regarding their opponent.) Shame on you, Ohio politicians. The nation watches, and this is how you conduct yourselves.
So there you go. One of my many opinions for the day. I'll let you know if it makes print.


Linda said...

Sue, it is the same here in FL. I am so sick of the negative ads. Instead of telling us what they stand for and hope to accomplish if elected, they tell us how bad the other candidate is! I guess that way they can avoid making any commitments about what they will do and accomplish. The American politcal system is hopeless- that goes for both parties!
Linda F from FL

Anonymous said...

Sue, I am from TX and I am to concerned about what we will get when we do vote. Just do the best and hope they don't cause to much damage before the next election. Not the way I would choose to vote if I had a choice.
Happy thoughts,

Duane and Nancy said...

As Linda said, we also see the same negativity here in Idaho. I absolutely hate that the only ads are telling you what the "other" candidate is doing wrong.

My letter to our editor basically stated that Diogenes would have a hard time finding an honest politician.

By the way, did your letter make print?