Saturday, October 07, 2006

Yes! Collage #4

I can't believe I'm still with it! This one is a little more upbeat than yesterday...Welcome Home. I like it. It talks about the joy of home indulgences.

I also am reworking the one altered fabric panel. It was just too disjointed, and I was very unhappy with the one applique. Now I need to find some black trim, probably tomorrow, because I've used up all the black trim I have, or else its the wrong size.


Linda said...

Love them both, but the Welcome Home one really speaks to me. Since entering adulthood and having my own home, "home" is such an important symbol to me- safe haven, peacefulness, love... I am a true homebody.
Linda F from FL

Judi said...

Oh, isn't that always the case? No matter how much we have we always need something else!

You're doing great with the collages!

Kai said...

Like Linda, 'home' is a really intense word for me. I live in a HOUSE, but I still want a HOME. Love this collage! And you're doing great with the fabric piece! I'd be LOST trying to do that!

Anonymous said...

Love all your collages. Brilliant!