Monday, October 09, 2006

Collage #5, same magazine

Boy, I have to tell you, the magazine I've been using is getting really ratty looking! I decided tonight to work in one color, if I could, and did pretty well until I decided the picture of the cat just had to be included. I tried...

I just have two more days to go. This magazine has lots of Halloween images, and I'm tempted to do one more, but it would almost be too easy. Tomorrow's another day, right? :-)


Linda said...

I love collages! And this one is great- I think the yellow of the cat goes with the rest of the coloring. For some reason, as much as I love collages, I am unable to create them, try as I might-LOL!
Linda F from FL

windyangel said...

I like your collages. I've just joined CPS and found your blog there. If I weren't swamped with work and play right now I'd give this a try. Maybe next week.
I like the kitty here. It adds a bit of contrast.

Kai said...

Like Linda, I'm not very good at creating collages. You have an eye for things that work well together, and colors that pick up a piece. This one is especially well put together!