Thursday, October 05, 2006

Panel 2, Collage 2

Today I made my collage for day 2 of 7, all from the same magazine. This one is called "Autumn's Crowning Glory."

And this is the other altered fabric panel for the altered wearable fabric panel swap...or whatever the heck it's called. Gerry loves this one. I wanted it rough, and slightly cockeyed, which I achieved all too well...and now I'm not sure it's what I wanted after all. I love the colors, however, and did achieve what I was trying for. I have a blazer I love that is done with fabric shapes, cut out, and appliqued, without any finished edges. That's what I wanted here, too. I think my favorite part is the button in the middle! ;-)


Kai said...

Oh, I DO like your Autumn piece! Good colors, clever use of the crown, and TERRIFIC image! The entire piece coes together so perfectly!

Kai said...

Oooops! Dumb me. I meant to comment on your altered wearable fabric panel, too. Sorry. Really pretty, and I like the variety in it! Question: When you make the panel, what happens to it then? Is it made into a garment or traded as is or???? Don't mean to be stupid, just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Your fabric panels and the collages are absolutely wonderful. I love those paper dolls too. My favourite is got to be the one with peacock feathers.
Datura flowers are oh so beautiful. We get them wild in India but have to be careful they are poisonous.