Saturday, October 14, 2006

For Yarngoddess

I told Diane (Yarngoddess) that I was going to post pix of my spider webs, and then promptly forgot. That was a few days ago, but as you can see, some things aren't lost forever, just temporarily misplaced in this little pea-brain.

So for Diane, or any other lovers of the magic of spider webs, here are two pix that Gerry and I managed last weekend. The rest are blurry, mostly from trying to focus on the spider and not having a tripod in use.


Diane said...

Wow, really colorful leaves and the spider is huge! Not like the ones in my yard! When I took my photo there were three, but I couldn't get in a position to get all three shining in the sunlight without disturbing one.

Kai said...

As you know,I LOVE spiders, and would never, never kill one (unless of course, it was a poisonous type & I found it inside the house - even THEN I'd hate to.)These photos are so clear & lovely! Shows the spider in a totally natural setting, doing what spiders DO! Love it!

Linda said...

I'm seeing more webs and spiders recently. Aren't the webs just incrediable? I am always fascinated by spider webs.
Linda F from FL