Thursday, October 26, 2006

Inner Gypsy

Well, it looks like this thing is finally working again!

I'm taking Sherry Goshon's Inner Child class on Joggles, and I'm tying it to Barb Kobe's Medicine Doll Class. Instead of an inner child, I'm working on an inner gypsy. This is as much as I have done so far, and I'm a little stumped for a number of reasons -- not the least of which is that I'm just kind of restless and disjointed tonight. My feet are hot. My jeans are too tight. My office is moving, apparently, and I'm the only one getting an interior, window-less spot. Numb tongue again. Sigh.

Anyway, here's what I have done so far, and I have some questions for Sherry before I go further. I'll, um, keep you posted....


Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when that happens. I am sure Sherry will get you over that hump. From what I can see I be it will turn out to be stunning piece.

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great start! I love the colors in the background.

Kai said...

You've REALLY captured MOVEMENT, Sue! And the colors SCREAM Gypsy! I've been 'biting my nails' over opening my Apoxy, but seeing this, I am determined to DO it! Please, keep showing us the stages of this piece. I believe it's going to be extremely spiritual & significant!