Thursday, September 21, 2006

A volunteer pond

Last week the sewer work on our property was completed. A good portion of our west lawn was dug up to lay the pipe. Because the septic tank and leach field have now been abandoned, we arranged to have a pond dug in the low spot in our yard. The workers started two days ago, scraping the top of the area, and removing an ill tree. Then it rained all night, and yesterday they couldn't work, because of the muck and mire. It does appear, however, that we chose the right started to fill in already! Here's the view from our deck rail.

I think they'll be able to work today. We have a lot of work ahead of us, to make sure that once dug, the water isn't stagnant, and lots of other landscaping and maintenance issues. Now, it looks like just about all of our yard has been dug up somehow!


Judi said...

Oh how great! Next spring you can get koi fish and mosquito eaters and all types of fun stuff!

Kai said...

This is going to be a beautiful addition to your property! What a peaceful place to put a bench or something and sit by the pond to think or read. (Tell Cosmo I said it is NOT a big sink! LOL!)

Linda said...

This pond wiil be a gorgeous addition to yard. Are you going to have fish in it?

Sue said...

Don't know yet what we'll do about fish. We had big beautiful koi in NC, and it broke my heart when we left them behind. The man in the house behind us has hundreds of minnows in his pond without buying a thing...he says the ducks bring in the eggs on their legs?

Dawn said...

Yep, you'll get bluegill, frogs, and minnows hitchhiking on duck legs - efficient natural stocking process, isn't it? :) Then the gorgeous herons will start arriving to chow on all those little fishes and froggies!