Thursday, May 17, 2007

Further progress

While Gerry watched the basketball game tonight, I put in a little more time on Judi's pattern. Whew! Faces make me sweat! Still, I'm reasonably pleased with this one. For once, I like the eyes better than I do the mouth!

I think I'll use this feather boa for hair. As you can see, she still is just pinned together, and the poor thing has no breasts, but we're still auditioning parts! Ignore the visible pins and trailing threads, please.

True to form, purple rarely photographs as purple - even with a light cube. Granted, these fabrics have some blues in them, but they lean far more toward purple than anything.

This is a fabulous pattern. Great for all levels, and open to so many interpretations. I've already thought of two more that I want to do with this pattern.

Even just doing this first doll has filled me with ideas! Of course, housework and gardening will probably interfere for a while before I get more done.


Kai said...

She looks GREAT! Her facial expression is VERY 'come hither' and I LOVE that! It's as tho' she's saying, "Come here, World, and see what wonderful secrets I have!" You're right! Her eyes are awesome! I already told Judi I'll be buying THIS pattern for certain!

Judi said...

Wow - I just KNEW you would be able to make a wonderful face! I think the boa is going to be perfect for her! I am just bubbling over with happiness for you!!!! She is going to be absolutely spectacular when you're done!!!

Shashi Nayagam said...

What a great face and the boa goes with her perfectly.