Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Other Puzzling Personalities

Here are the other sets of 3 PPs...this first set comes from Beryl. Don't you just love the teapot held by the doll in the lower left? And how about those wonderful wiry curls on the blue doll at the bottom right? Great, huh?

This set, made of artfully altered puzzle pieces, was submitted by Betsy. I love the way she kept the puzzle piece shape so beautifully, while making the colors so elegant.
These come from Diane (yarngoddess). Great spirals for faces, and of course, Diane's signature color - green!

These three pieces come from Ruth. I wish you could see the metallic/color affect on the one on the left. It's quite appealing. The bits and pieces used on each of these dolls are so clever!
And Meri went all out, creating old world Santas from large puzzle pieces. Can you see the bits of vintage jewelry, buttons, and so on? These were all sealed into bags, and I didn't want to disturb their nests, so I hope you can see the work done here.


Shashi Nayagam said...

Sue these puzzle art is beautiful. I love all of them each one is so beautiful. Looks like you all had a wonderful swap

Kai said...

Each set is so different and so intriguing! Of course, you KNOW I favor the Santas! I nearly twisted my neck out of whack trying to see them better! LOL! That was a cool swap idea!