Monday, November 05, 2007

Third Puzzling Personality

At the end of last week I finished the third of my three Puzzling Personalities for the swap I hosted on CPS - Puzzling Personalities, utilizing at least one puzzle piece in each character. The last of the other swappers' dolls came in on Saturday, I swapped them out last night, and they all go in the mail today. I'll post the three I was able to keep later - but for now, I realized I hadn't posted this last one of mine. I've titled her "I'm Just So...." (You can fill in the blank as to what she is!)
Here's a (not very good) group shot of the three I did, together:
I was the only one of the six swappers who left the puzzle pieces as is. (From left to right: "Mysterium Steps Out in Her Posh Frock," "I'm Just So....," and "Heart of Atlantis." )


Kai said...

DARN, DARN, DARN! I clicked on but they wouldn't enlarge. And regardless of how I squinted and strained, my one eye couldn't see all the marvelous detail! I LOVE them! I want to see them CLOSE UP! You do the BEST art dolls!

Judi Wellnitz said...

Really interesting work! You just reminded me about a puzzle swap we were going to do on FDA. I'll have to see about getting it going again.

artandtea said...

Hi Sue,
I just found your blog through the artdollz group and am really enjoying reading back through your posts.
What a wonderfully unique idea to alter these puzzle pieces. They're all so different and creative.
Your work is fabulous!