Sunday, August 31, 2008

Diva Doll - in progress

I've been stewing about this doll for a couple of months. I recently joined a local doll club, and we are supposed to make a diva doll for the next meeting. I had started this stump doll with the fabric for this year's Hoffman Challenge, even though I didn't get anything done on time to enter.

Finally, tonight, I got the inspiration! She's a rags-to-riches diva doll - and though I think she strongly resembles Stockard Channing, you should think of Griselda, in "Cats." She was fabulous once, but she's tattered now.

As you can see, the pieces are just pinned together, and I'm waiting for her hair/glue to dry, and I can't do another thing till that happens. Why does my muse visit at 2 AM and leave a trail of wet glue when I want to do more??
Other things that wander through my brain in the middle of the night:
*What is Buddy dreaming about when he makes those little puppy yips in his sleep?
*Why is Pepto Bismol such a dreadful color?
*When did my hip stop hurting and become flexible again?
*Why am I not in bed??


Shashi Nayagam said...

I think she is turning out into a beauty! I love the colours you are using and she has a very peaceful look about her/

Linda Fleming said...

Hmmm.... blogger ate the comment I tried to leave on this post. So I will try again---

Her beauty shines through the tatters. She is going to be a lovely and unique doll.

Did you discover the answers to your late night questions? LOL!

Phyl said...

This doll is wonderful, Sue!I know you hand-dyed the cheesecloth, right?Such pretty colors;can't wait to see what else you do to her eyes!
And hey:those 2 a.m. things happen to creative people more often than others!Our muses don't keep "human" hours!Heh, heh..