Sunday, August 24, 2008

Morning Birds

One of my favorite ways to spend a weekend morning is to rise early, sit at the table on the deck with a fresh cup of coffee, a home decor magazine, and simply enjoy the tranquility of the morning.

I love early morning - I love the relative quiet, the hope and promise of a day not yet started, birdsong, first light...all of it. Just as Spring is my favorite season, early morning is my favorite time of day - especially when I'm allowed to just enjoy it.
Today I woke before my Oldtimer. (Well, technically, that's not true. He was up about 3 AM because the dogs were barking like madmen, and he decided to take advantage of the hour and watch the US/Spain Olympic basketball game - but he was back in bed by 6:15 when I rose.) I took my fresh cup of coffee to the deck (have I mentioned yet how much I love this Keurig coffee maker?) and soaked in the morning.

The birds have been incredibly busy and noisy the last week or so. Maybe they know that fall, and then winter, aren't too far away. Maybe this year's hatchlings are now adults, and we simply have more birds. Maybe our old dogs and cat have slowed down and the birds are just bolder. Whatever it is, I love the morning birdsong.

The Northwest end of our deck is over-shadowed by a huge old pine tree. It seems to house any number of different birds, plus the occasional chittering squirrel. Today, the bluejays were particularly raucous, bringing things to the branches and beating them open. Bluejays have two distinct calls - their shrill "Thief! Thief!" sound (which Lolo always said was a diversionary tactic, since they are often the thief), and the other odd but rhythmic sound which, to my ears, is the sound of a squeaky old pump handle, being worked to bring up water.

While sitting at the table, the wonderful scent of butterfly bush kept wafting around the corner. I can't see it from my favorite morning spot, and I'm surprised it's not all blossomed out for the year, but just a few remaining blossoms put the lovely scent on the air.

Before I had the sense to get a camera, I heard a loud whirring sound, and saw the iridescent green hummingbird just off my left shoulder. He drank from the jasmine, and then the purple petunias, before darting off over the roof. There was also a charming nuthatch, which never returned once I picked up the camera, nor did the goldfinch.
My dad (Hawkshaw, to many) loved the sound of the Red Wing Blackbird. They would perch on the cattails and tall weeds around a pond, and I always thought their sound was that of a wind-up toy. I was surprised to see a couple working the ground this morning.

Some flocks of birds are feeding in the grass. My guess is that it's harvest season, and even lawn grass is trying to put out seeds when it can.

Worked on a "diva doll" yesterday. So far, she's not looking much like a diva - but she sure is acting like one!


Linda Fleming said...

Sue, I just love this post. I felt like I was sitting right there with you watching and listening to the birds. What a relaxing way for you to start your day.

Jacque Uetz said...

Sue, you hae such a way with words ,nature, home and garden a very talented artest too..not to forget you wonderful soaps.I really enjoy your blog.Linda and I both have an award for you at our blogs..
You put the person right in the scene like a good book!