Friday, August 01, 2008

The First Pink Day

Love Squared
Today's the kick-off party for Love Squared - The Pink Artist Project. In honor of the first day, I'm going to do a re-post of what it meant to me to participate in this project.


In what I believe must be record time, the incredible Monica Magness (Girl-Gone-Thread-Wild) conceived a beautiful and loving project, gathered little pieces of art from an amazing number of artists, put it all together in a fabulous, fabulous doll called Love Squared, which will soon be raffled to raise money for breast cancer research. Here’s a view of the back of the now complete doll:

Monica asked those of us who participated to make a dedication for our part in the doll. If I can write this without breaking down in tears too many times, I’d like to say…
My dedication is to the grandmother I never knew, who lost her battle to cancer before I was born. She gave birth to 10 incredible individuals, giving me my mother, 7 aunts, and 2 uncles. Those aunts (two of whom have already lost a battle to cancer, one of whom is battling - again - right now) and uncles were a daily part of my life, giving me the richest and most unique childhood one could ask for.

My dedication extends further to my younger cousin Denys, daughter of one of those glorious aunts, who is a breast cancer survivor and still with us to raise her beautiful daughters.

And a dedication to my sweet daughter Genevieve, who began doing the Walk for the Cure last year, because she feels things so deeply.

And finally, to my friend Phyllis, also a survivor, an inspiration, and the one who alerted me to the project. Thanks for your friendship, Phyl.

Monica gave us permission to lift the photos and share our contributions on our blog. I’ve done so above, but I have to tell you, my submission is such a small part of it all - the synergy of all those who worked together, and the impact of Monica’s vision is the real story here. Bless you, Monica, for making all our lives so much richer.

Please go to Monica’s blog and see more details of the doll, other prizes, and how to enter the drawing. Prepare to be awestruck. (And might I suggest you prepare to open your hearts and wallets?) Thank you.


Phyl said...

What a great blog for the Pink Artist project!And thanks for YOUR friendship also, dear one...when I learn how to get all the info, I'll put it on my blog and pass the word!

GraceBeading said...

Wonderful... wonderful post, thanks for sharing it again.

The Foxes Den said...

Wow! what an amazing collaboration! She's absolutely beautiful!