Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finishing Dolls

One of things I do well is postpone finishing my dolls. I get them to an almost-done point, and then move on to the next thing. Sometimes I'm bound up with the finishing touch, other times I just feel I've worked on it long enough and have to step away.

It didn't take me too long to get back to finish my Rags to Riches Diva. Since I last posted her photo, the finishing touches are the sparkly headband, the flowered neckline, and the dabs of metallic paints along the hems of her ragged dress. (Adapted from a Cindy Moyer pattern.)

Head detail

Full view of R to R Diva

R to R Top Half

This doll is Lucrezia, made from a pattern I tested for Judi Wellnitz. I've had her finished for MONTHS, except for the finishing touch to the more visible hand. I knew what I wanted to do - a bottle of green poison, since she's named after Lucrezia Borgia. Last night, sitting in my husband's truck while he ran into his office to get something, I realized how I wanted to stopper the little bottle I had. Here are the results:

Lucrezia hand detail

Lucrezia top half

Lucrezia full view

Here's a doll I started last week and finished today! (I think.) This is my Day of the Dead doll, made with a Linsart clay head, a wrapped wire body, and lots of bits and pieces from a couple of swaps I held on the CPS list:

Day of the Dead full view

Day of the Dead detail

I still have several unfinished dolls, but I'm feeling pretty good about getting three finished up this morning!


:Diane said...

Now that DOD doll is really cool. I hope you're going to post in ArtFest! Great followup to the swaps you've been hosting.

JudiA said...

Ah, a soul-mate. I am the same way about finishing my dolls. Your DOD doll is spectacular -- I just want to reach my hand through the computer monitor and touch all those yummy colors. Well done!

Sherry Goshon ODACA said...

wohoooo YOU DID GOOD...I lvoe them and girl that dod is awesome...and good for you to get things finished...egads i have several wip that i really need to finish...oh my

Linda Fleming said...

Wow- you are getting lots of dolls finished. Your Rags to Riches doll is simply beautiful. Lucrezia is amazing- love her bottle of poison-LOL! And your day of the dead doll is spectacular! I love the costuming and embellishments on all of them. Okay, now what is next on your list to finish?

Judi W. said...

Love 'em all! But especially the colors on the DOD doll!

DooflinkyDolls said...

Love the day of the dead doll. The whole blog is looking great!