Monday, September 29, 2008

Icon Doll - In Progress

Thanks to some discussion and a challenge on the Wildart Dolls list, I signed up for an online mini class with Chaska (Mai Liis) Peacock entitled Icon Dolls. This is Chaska's interpretation of an icon, filled with tips and techniques, using a simple cone shape.

Following are a few photos of what I've done so far, though there's still a bit of work ahead of me.

Full front view of DIP

Face assemblage, in progress

Full back view, in progress

Some of the materials yet to be added

Chaska encourages us to work intuitively, quickly, don't over-think the process. Though I laid out the base materials that I needed a week before the class started, all the colors, charms, and add-ons that give the personality or theme of the icon came after I started the prep work. Once I did the basic prep, and began sifting through my fabrics and papers, the icon let me know what she wanted to be. light cube is still in storage. I can't figure out where I put part of it. Better photos soon, I promise.

(Polymer face cab by Linsart)

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Phyl said...

Love this dolly, Sue! Especially the face/wings and can't wait to see how you finish the rest of her; thanks for sharing her with us!