Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fall colors, surprise flowers

Nice fall foliage showing up - I love this view across the backyards and into the neighborhood behind us:

This is in the neighbor's plantings along the property line:
Another view through the foliage:
Here's a surprise blossom in my tropical plants pot:
And a little volunteer blossom on the sweet potato vine:
I love the play of sunlight and shadow on this group planting:

And this lone purple petunia:

I've forgotten the name of this rose colored plant, but it looks great with the elephant ears and coleus:

The Persian Shield is huge this year. The iridescence reminds me of fly wings:

Fall also seems to be spider season!

1 comment:

Linda Fleming said...

I always enjoy your flower and nature photos so much. I got one single flower bloom on my sweet potato vines.