Thursday, October 16, 2008

Foliage changes, rock in place!

Though Spring is still my favorite season (the epitome of hope), I can't help but appreciate the beautiful fall colors - bright foliage against beautiful blue skies. The hardwoods here in Ohio are making their changes - and the beautiful tops of trees against the sky are so striking. Here are a few shots Oldtimer took over the weekend, from the vantage point of our driveway! (Can you imagine a drive through the countryside on a sunny day right now?)

My Oldtimer has a fondness for rocks and boulders as landscaping elements, so we went out a couple weekends ago and bought one on sale. (I'd like a big rock, too...preferably one that sparkles and fits on my hand.) We had the perfect place to incorporate it, and the young man said they'd deliver. Imagine our surprise (or at least MINE) when they dumped it off the back of the truck and left it for us to put in place! Standing it upright wasn't too difficult - levers, vantage points...all those manly things. Getting it positioned into the space once upright was another story.
It took a couple weekends of thinking, but we finally got it in place this past weekend. (Besides the thinking, it took a good amount of grunting and sweating, too - mostly by Oldtimer.)

And while stepping back to photo the rock, Oldtimer captured once again the serene scene across the ivy front lawn, with the fountain in the distance. I'm glad he captured this before the leaves start dropping...doesn't it look peaceful and lush?


Lily White said...

I'm using your second changing leaves picture for my fall desktop background. It's beautiful. It's always been my wish to find a large print like that to frame for my home. I find the fall changing leaves so soothing. It's restful, like the season.

Phyl said...

Wow!That's a wonderful rock, GK!Love the squared shape; and what's the image on the end...hmmmmmm.
Show this to your CA relatives who have the gorgeous "river rocks"!(I still treasure mine from there!)