Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seeking Serenity (and a puffball)

So much change and so much emotion the last few weeks. Once again, I have to be grateful for my Oldtimer, and his steadiness and reliability. One of my greatest pleasures is the time I spend on the deck, appreciating sunsets, listening to birds, and seeing what's blooming, growing - or simply appearing!

We had slight damage from the Hurricane Ike winds, but never lost power, thank goodness. Mostly a lot of small sticks and small branches to pick up. Our driveway looked like someone had used a salad shooter to trim the trees.

Without further ado or much more verbiage, here are some recent photos.

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Jacque Uetz said...

Sorry to hear about work always have such high spirits
and your blog is always so soothing..great pic's