Monday, December 15, 2008

Decorating Weekend

'Tis the weekend for holiday decor! We were able to put up both of our Christmas trees, add some brightness around the house, and even add some lights to the front exterior. You might wonder about that photo for the blog header...more about that at the end of this post.

Once again this year, we decorated our 12 foot tall tree for the family room/office AND when decorated, my Oldtimer lifted the entire 12 foot tall tree up onto a table to fill the corner. This is the second time he's lifted the fully decorated tree onto a table - I have to turn my back and squeeze my eyes closed.

And here's the copper-colored tree in the freshly-painted living room. It's a little crowded in there!

I love the color scheme on this tree. Sometimes I miss the multi-colored tree filled with ornaments made by my kids, but I do love to have a theme, too.

We've always brought out the angels this time of year. Here are the willow angels on the front porch, as viewed through the wreath on the door.

And this year, we've managed to even put our lighted garland on the railing to the family room. Here we have hung some of the "kid" ornaments that I miss...

Included in the ornaments on the railing is the one you see on the top of this blog. To this day, it's my very favorite ornament. My son Chris made it while in pre-school. It's a bread dough ornament, painted and glittered and strung with a silver thread. I think it just represents all that is wonderful about children - when provided with paints and glitters, he slathered on the color, until the overall effect was a little murky. And when told it was a bread dough ornament, he, of course, had to take a bite to check it out. So, I treasure this ornament, probably above all others, because my first baby made it with his own hands, slathered it with love, and gave me a perfect imprint of his baby teeth. Now he's expecting his own little one, and this 30 year old ornament is even more of a treasure. I really miss my children this time of year.
Below, you'll see my offerings for the "Creativi-Tea" swap on the CPS yahoo group. My bags are called "Wonder Tea."

And this mess (below) is my attempt to make bottle snowmen like those on the cover of a recent Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. They should be completed soon...and once again, I've made a mess of my workspace!


Linda Fleming said...

I am glad you have your big tree up and can enjoy it this year. But that copper tree calls to me- you know how I love copper! We were just talking yesterday about doing a copper tree.

Your home looks so Christmasy, elegant and gorgeous. Your tastes are very similar to mine.

MaryO said...

Your trees are lovely and so is the rest of your house that I can see! Looks very warm and welcoming.

Shashi Nayagam said...

What a beautiful tree and lovely decorations. I love the little snowmen that you are making too.

joggerellablog said...

I love your Chris's Christmas Ornament! I had to scroll back and forth several times to look at it and then read again what you wrote about it. To think his baby teeth left an impression! Too perfect! I think you are the Laura Ingalls Wilder of our generation!

JudiA said...

Lifted... a 12' tree?? I wouldn't have been able to watch either, but oooooooh.... I'm impressed! Your home is beautiful Sue. Very Christmas-y, and SO elegant.