Sunday, December 07, 2008

This is NOT Creative

It wasn't even really very fun...other than reacquainting myself with my "stash." I can't even remember how my Friday evening in the treehouse transitioned from going to do something creative to re-organizing all my drawers of stuff. But I did it...and at the end of the afternoon today (Saturday) I have re-arranged the drawers, and even put some sticky note labels on them. I have NOT, however, created anything, finished anything, labeled any soaps or worked on the O&L website. What is wrong with me? I didn't do any housework, either, but that I understand.
These pics are after most of the stash was off the floor and back in drawers. get the idea. (See that drawer on the bottom left? It's now labeled - Paper Junkies. No....I don't have folks who are addicted to paper in the drawer, I have all sorts of little pieces of paper junk in that drawer. Pieces that may be big enough to use on something some day, but certainly not large enough for anything significant...and I no doubt have enough paper junk to make collages and cards and tags the rest of my life without ever needing to purchase or swap for more - but you know I will, without a doubt, accumulate more.)

(Do you suppose there is anyone else in the WORLD who still has brown shag carpet in their home?)
Well, this at least looks like something creative. This is the view from the floor up to the bulletin board where I keep a lot of inspiration.
I told my Oldtimer that when I die, he may as well just order a dump truck to back up to the house, open the window, and throw it all out into the waiting truck below. No one else is going to think this is a room full of treasure!

And in other news, it snowed most of the day...and the cat, especially, already has cabin fever. He's been on top of the book shelves, walking on window sills behind whatever is propped there, pouncing on the Murphy-dog from behind the dough bin. It's going to be a long winter. The dogs just slept, as usual.

(I still think Buddy, like most cocker spaniels, looks like the Luck Dragon in the movie Never Ending Story.)


Linda Fleming said...

I need a major clean up and re-organization in my studio- good lord, what mess-LOL!

Your house looks like mine with the sheets and covers on the furniture. Easy to spot a pet lover's home ;) Your critters look so comfy-

Diane said...

Buddy IS the star of my favorite movies! You're right.
I need to get a copy of that for my grandkids for Christmas.
Thanks for the idea. I'll tell them I know someone who lives with you-know-who.

Betty said...

Would you belive brown beige and gold mingled shag carpet? Yep ML had it here and it still is. Merry Christmas from NC

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Hi. I'm Fran from The Art Journal list and you recommended the place to order the milagros. And I just did order them and more.

Love your site and I have to smile. All our work rooms look the same--lived in, though I don't have brown shag carpeting. Sure did at one time, however.

I have a 13 year old dog myself and write about a rescue available on the blog today. Animals sure enrich life, don't they?

grblog said...

It's so nice to see another artspace like mine... organized chaos! Oh, and I love your bulletin board- I recognize a paper doll that I made for a CPS swap. Nice to see that she has a place of honor in your studio!-Jenny at