Sunday, December 28, 2008


Today I was not only able to play in the treehouse, I was able to shop using gift cards and 50% off coupons at Michael's! I find myself buying more stick-ons and glitter to make more snowmen for next year. I had planned on gifting this year's, but my Oldtimer loves them so much, he won't let me give them away.

While in the store, I was talking to Bekah about our Miss Olivia and her fondness for all things princess. We sent a pink tutu, a blue dress, and some high heels for gifts, along with some other princess items, but Bekah said that Miss O needs a magic wand and a tiara. Well! I have been happily working on a magic wand since I got back home, AND I purchased six foam tiaras, so she should be all set.
(Finished magic wand - going in the mail soon.)

Also in the works today - a mixed media collage on felt, as a follow up on a challenge prompt of "Stamps" from the CPS group - I think it was last September.

I got some wire in the mail for the Marilyn Radzat Whimsical Wabbit online class.

AND, I'm anxiously awaiting and gathering for a Prosperity Doll online group with Mais-Liis Peacock, here (look under "classes"). I'm still working on a gathering of angels from her Creative Sparks group.

Why does the creative stuff always get back-burnered? And on that note, I'm off to eat lunch and then shampoo rugs.


Phyl said...

A really sweet fairy wand! Did you bead that velvet butterfly, or find it "as is" and add the stick, beads, and ribbons? Love it!

Karen Becker said...

Sue, I'm so sorry about your friend Denny. What an interesting life he had though. I did love your magic wand! Karen Becker