Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Tagged by MaryO

MaryO tagged a few of us to carry forward a tag she received...post the sixth photo in the sixth folder of the place you store your pictures. This was tough, because I have 3 places I store pictures. The first place, the sixth folder was empty! The second place, the sixth picture in the sixth folder was not a photo at all, but a scan of a vintage postcard. So...the third try, in the third place I store photos was it. Here's the pic.

Big deal, huh? This is one of the azaleas we planted on the landscaped hill we added to our house in NC.

I'm supposed to tag others, but I think most everyone I know has done this. But...if you read this... Betty, Phyllis, Earl, and Jude - you are the only ones left I can think of! If you feel up to it, I'm tagging you.

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judemowris said...

Ummmmmmm...well......ok....I have never been tagged...what am I supposted to do? (so antisocial I am. Huh. )